We are here for you — and your patient

When you refer patients to WellStar ENT, we ensure they are treated for the RIGHT reason by the RIGHT specialist. It is our desire to collaborate with referring partners, as well as our own specialists on the team. The systems of the ear, nose and throat are very closely related — if we find the diagnosis to be other than that originally referred, we can easily have your patient treated by the specialist in our practice who will solve the problem.  And, we will keep you informed of the diagnosis and treatment.

Looking for hearing aids? WellStar ENT offers full-service hearing aid evaluations and fittings with six major hearing aid manufacturers. We offer a broader array of choices, ensuring the right one for your patient.  Is your patient worried about costs? We are on many popular insurance plans — and we even offer a no-risk 14-day test drive for all devices, to ensure the RIGHT solution for the RIGHT reason.

Please fax referral paperwork to 770.664.4431.