Re: Dr. Tirino (She changed the quality of my life forever)

I can’t say enough good things about Dr Tirino. She changed the quality of my life forever. She helped give me hearing that I never had before. Have been very nervous and apprehensive about having surgery performed for the first time she made me feel so at ease and not at all nervous. I wasn’t worried at all.

Re: Dr. Downie

By Sylvia B.

He was delightful and his staff were all fun and personable as well!

Dr. Chacko has a great feeling for my child’s needs

By Sheldon Cobb

Dr. Chacko has a great feeling for my child’s needs. She was dealing with hives and eczema. He was very informative, but most of all, his diagnosis was on point! Dr. Chacko came to me highly recommended, and I was not let down.

Dr. Downie is truly an awesome doctor!

By Robin Day and son, Chris Beach

Dr. Downie is truly an awesome doctor and did more for Chris than any doctor has ever done for any ailment he has ever had. I definitely would recommend Dr. Downie to anyone with ENT issues. It is amazing how personal and truly caring he is for his patients as most doctors don’t take the time to even be half concerned as Dr. Downie was and is. His whole staff was also amazing and genuinely caring. We so appreciate everything he and his staff have done. He is truly gifted in his field. Quite frankly, he gave back Chris his life. He can now smell, taste, allergies do not bother him anymore, and no more headaches. Dr. Downie is a gigantic blessing!!!

Wonderful ENT doctor

By mtvlagunacar

We were very fortunate to have Dr. Jackson as our baby’s ENT when he suffered from repeated ear infections this summer. Dr. Jackson has a wise, calm, kind and funny demeanor that comes with years of practicing medicine and truly put us at ease. He was able to provide us with very logical and seasoned advice and we knew our little one was in good hands when he ultimately required tubes. We recommend Dr. Jackson highly.

The Best ENT in Atlanta!

By vshrader at Citysearch

After 6 miserable years, 5 of which I spent with another ENT literally sick 24/7 with sinus infections and two other sinus surgeries, which led to IV antibiotics and eventually landed me in the hospital for 12 days with a near death Sepsis. Dr. Jackson is the only ENT available during Spring Break in April 2010 and he was like an Angel from God. I went to him after leaving the hospital in May at which time he told me that his patients all get well. By June, he performed my 3rd sinus surgery, in which he told me he cleaned out my “frontal sinuses”. I was told prior to this by the other ENT that I had no frontal sinuses! I have had a couple of infections during the healing process which were quickly cleared up and I had ear tubes inserted in March of this year which really has made a difference!

I have just visited him today in which he declared me completely healed of all sinus infections and ear infections! He kept his word! I am well and I am happy! He is the most caring doctor I’ve ever been to and has an amazing bedside manner when having surgery. He really does care about his patients in every way! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. KEITH JACKSON!

Finally – I can breathe

By martybrinton at Citysearch

I have had allergies since I was 5 years old. I have had allergy shots from age 5 to 15 and it helped, but never REALLY helped with the Fall and Spring seasons when I got hammered (in bed) for 7-10 days when everything starting blooming and when the leaves fell.

I had deviated septum surgery to fix the narrow nasal passages in my nose October 2007 performed by Dr. Keith Jackson from the same practice Dr Chacko belongs to. I was very impressed with the results and the surgery went so well that I decided to attack my lifelong allergy problem after Dr. Jackson said Dr. Chacko could help.

In Oct 2007, Dr. Chacko administered RUSH allergy immunization therapy that drastically shortened the time needed to make Allergy shot immunization therapy effective.

In March 2008, after nearly 30 years of life, I enjoyed my first spring without being sick as a result of pollen and other allergens filling the air in Atlanta. I am so glad I took the plunge and tried allergy shot therapy. Two thumbs up to Dr. Chacko and his trusty sidekick Kathy.

If you have chronic allergies and are tired of the OTC drugs, it is time to give Dr. Chacko a call and start experiencing quality of life without a full head and runny nose.

Fix those Allergies!

By sawneeman at Citysearch

I have bad sinus and allergy issues all of my life. I have had two sinus surgeries in the past. Sinuses were better but allergies got worse as I got older. It got to the point that I spent nearly four years straight with sinus infections and at least one or more antibiotic prescriptions for every six week period. I even received allergy shots from Atlanta Allergy and Asthma for over 2 1/2 years during that stretch. Those shots did not help me in the least bit. Dr. Jackson (with WellStar ENT) recommended I see Dr. Chacko. I started seeing Dr. Chacko 9/2008 and receiving shots. I got over my last sinus infection with the assistance of Dr. Jackson in 1/2009. I began receiving the once per month maintenance dosage shot either in 12/08 or 1/09. Dr. Chacko increased the dosage that I had been receiving at Atlanta Allergy and Asthma. I have been free of sinus infections and antibiotics since 1/09. This is the first time in nearly 5 years that I haven’t been on antibiotics. The once per month sore arms is a small price to pay for the tremendous success that I have had with Dr. Chacko and Dr. Jackson! Thanks to them both for improving my quality of life! By the way, Cathy is my favorite for giving shots, but Dr. Chacko did a pretty good job yesterday giving me my shots. Way to go Dr. Chacko.

Dr. Jackson was the answer!

I called the office in Spring 2011 based on a referral from my father (Dr. Diamond performed his life-saving cancer surgery years ago). The office staff at WellStar ENT is one of the best I have ever encountered at a practice. Very friendly, accommodating & helpful. The staff is also very well-versed in navigating insurance plans & coverage.

The staff helped me to arrange to see Dr. Chacko and Dr. Jackson on the same day for a CT scan of my sinuses (Dr. Jackson) and allergy testing (Dr. Chacko). Dr. Jackson wanted to investigate all potential causes of my problems before approaching the possibility of any surgery.

Dr. Jackson has a good personality and sense of humor. You can tell within just a few minutes with him that he is an expert in his field.

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Dr. Jackson changes lives!

By Gina Whittam

I believed I had bad allergies my entire life and suffered from near-constant sinus infections. I thought the infections were caused by my “allergies”.

I had at least 10 rounds of antibiotics in 2010 for sinus infections, along with a smorgasbord of accompanying prescriptions which included nasal steroids, oral steroids, inhalers & cough medicines. I took so many prescriptions I can’t even remember them all. I also took Zyrtec, Singulair, Sudafed, Mucinex, ibuprofen & sinus rinses daily to control symptoms. Nothing fixed my problems. I missed 12 weeks of work in 2010 due to sinus infections and complications. (I’m a workaholic and only miss work if I absolutely cannot function!)

I knew that so many drugs in my body wasn’t the answer and they weren’t solving the problem.

Keith Jackson, M.D.

By (A Verified Patient via ZocDoc)

Dr. Jackson is the bomb! A very good doctor with great bedside manner. The lady’s in the office are great, I know I made the right choice in Dr. Jackson

Keith Jackson, M.D.

By (A Verified Patient via ZocDoc)

Extremely knowledgeable. Precisely explains procedures. Very personable. Investigates possibilities of causation.

Dr. Jackson is a delightful and knowledgeable physician who makes his patients feel as if they are the only important thing for as long as they’re there. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Source

Keith Jackson, M.D.

By (A Verified Patient via ZocDoc)

I am a Nurse Practitioner and my husband is a physician, so I have high standards for care. Dr. Jackson operated on all my sinuses a year ago and I have not had one infection and have honestly never felt better. I am indebted to his great care! My daughter is 3 and has tonsillitis and a sinus infection. He gave her fantastic care today – and said to call him asap if she was not better in 48 hours with his ordered medicines. Not only is he great with adults, he is even better with kids. His PA said he has done 3 surgeries on her kids. I would recommend Dr. Jackson to anyone in my family. A very close physician friend and his wife recommended him to me.

Dr. Downie

By (A Verified Patient via ZocDoc)

Dr. Downie was an attentive listener and had insight to my sinus issues that had never been fully addressed before.

Andrew Diamond, M.D.

By (A Verified Patient via ZocDoc)

I suffered with chronic sinus issues (pain/pressure),for 10+ years. Not only did Dr. Diamond give me hope, but with the grace of God and his intelligence, he gave me back my life. I am feeling great! I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. Thank you so much, Dr.Diamond. A job well done!  -Shawn Dowling, Roswell office

Dr. Downie

By (A Verified Patient via ZocDoc)

He was personable, professional and intelligent. He explained the procedure of checking my sinuses very well and put me at ease. I am a wimp when it comes to having anything done to me so I was relieved when it was gentle and painless. He is actually the best physician I have ever been to. I definitely recommend him. The office staff was nice and not uptight.

Keith Jackson, M.D.

By (A Verified Patient via ZocDoc)

Dr. Jackson was able to quickly identify my problem and offer a solution. Great bedside manner and is very knowledgeable.