Hearing Aid Options for Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Individuals with sensorineural hearing loss are unique and one hearing aid option will not meet the needs of all of them. I’m sure that you might be asking yourself, “How will I find the best hearing aid for me?”

At WellStar Hearing and Balance Center, we begin by discussing your regular routine, environments and activities. Where are you experiencing the most challenges? Are there places or activities that you now avoid due to the hearing loss? By going through this exercise together, we can determine what hearing aids are the best for you to try.

We offer several hearing aid options for sensorineural hearing loss from multiple manufacturers, including digital software driven hearing aid options. These devices range from basic processors meant for quiet or very low noise environments to premium processors meant for the noisiest most challenging environments. Hearing aids can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be – they can be self-adjusting or manually controlled. We offer a variety of hearing aids with directional microphones and noise reduction to help make speech more audible in noisy environments. Many are wireless and some are Bluetooth. We have multiple options that are MFi or made for iPhone hearing aids. These hearing aids pair directly to your iPhone, allowing you to stream not only phone calls to your hearing aids, but any audio from your iPhone. The iPhone also becomes a remote control for your hearing aids. We also offer a “direct to any phone” product that will also pair directly to android phones and iPhones. Many of our hearing aids also have a tinnitus feature that can be activated for individuals that are bothered by tinnitus or ringing in the ears. Rechargeable options exist for individuals who don’t want to change or use disposable batteries.

WellStar Hearing and Balance Center offers a variety of style and size of hearing aids. We have multiple options from the micro CIC (Completely in Canal), CIC (Completely in Canal), MC (Mini Canal), ITC (In the Canal), HS (Half Shell), ITE (In the Ear), RIC (Receiver in Canal) and BTE (Behind the Ear). We also offer an extended wear product that is worn continuously and exchanged approximately every 10 weeks.

Our staff offers full-service hearing aid evaluations and fittings including a no-risk 14-day test drive to allow you to try a set of hearing aids in your regular routine. We look forward to meeting you and helping you find the right hearing aids for you and your sensorineural hearing loss.